Why I chose this Early Start-up Company.

Thankfully, there were a few places that give me offers when I decided to get a second job. A well-known IT company, or high salary company, etc. Many options gave me a happy thought for a moment. But in the end, the choice was an early IT startup. The annual salary was not outstanding and it was not a famous company yet. But I was deeply attracted to something here.

The annual salary was not outstanding and it was not a famous company yet.

But I was deeply attracted to something here.

People said that I made a stupid choice. Whenever I hear such words, I confused about my choice. However, after reading a book, I was convinced that what I chose was not wrong. The book is ‘Start with Why’. It is a very famous book that I heard about it several times when I studied organizational behavior. However, I did not fully understand the meaning of the sentence when I was a student. Now, I would like to share a few things that I realized through this article.

Start with why

Tim Cook makes all the money, but why does everyone still like Steve Jobs?

I could find out an interesting question on my favorite EO channel. Many experts predicted that Apple would falter greatly after Steve Jobs’ obituary. But Apple with Tim Cook is doing a much better job of making great money now. But why do people still remember Steve Jobs and think of his achievements?

Entrepreneur vs Businessman

EO channel Youtube

To explain this, the video describes the difference between entrepreneurs and businessmen. Entrepreneurs worry about people’s essential problems and present new ideas and concepts to solve them. On the other hand, businessmen make economic profits their top priority and provide the best products and services to customers in established markets. It is not easy to determine what is more valuable. But now we still remember Steve Jobs as the best entrepreneur ever. This is also linked to the content of the book.

In this book, the author wondered why people are so crazy about Apple. The answer for it is the famous concept ‘Golden Circle’. The majority of companies talk about What and How. Currently, popular products in the market are companies that find out the What and How that the market demands. But not every company becomes a long-loved company like Apple. The difference is that there is no answer to Why, The Purpose.

Golden Circle of ‘Start with Why’

The power of Apple to constantly create innovative products and make loyalty does not come from “what.”

In the message that starts from the inside and comes out, “Why” becomes a key reason for purchase, and “What” serves as tangible evidence to realize the belief. Belief here is the key to rationalizing why we are attracted to our products, our companies, our ideas, not other products, other companies, other ideas.

- It all started with the question ‘why’.

How much do we sympathize with the why of my company?

Steve Jobs is constantly concerned about the fundamental things of Why. And every decision made by the company was aligned with the company’s Why. This can be seen from their advertisements. There are famous advertisements and phrases that come to mind when I think of Apple, but this is the most meaningful advertisement for me.

iPod Shuffle, <Life is Random>

I couldn’t believe a random song. This iPod, which has no choice in music, is a really reckless product even now I think about it. No wonder people at the time couldn’t easily understand the value of the iPod Shuffle. So what if I’m an Apple marketer? How can we convince people of a function called Shuffle that they don’t understand? I would use a lot of sentences to explain the advantages of shuffle. However, Apple introduces this product in just one sentence.

Life Is Random

Could this advertisement have been made simply by one person’s idea? Obviously not. But Apple isn’t just talking about What and How. They kept talking about why beyond those. And then they were able to create this outstanding ad because all the company members sympathize with what Apple calls why. When members sympathized with the company’s Why, the members sincerely aligned, creating more than just a product.

We are drawn to leaders and organizations that can deliver their beliefs brilliantly.

A good leader not only attracts us but also makes us willing to be loyal. There is a strong bond those who are attracted to the same organization, same leader. People instantly realize that they feel belonging to each other by being firmly bound by the same values, the same beliefs.

- We have to follow what the heart tells us to do. -

So why am I work here, this job?

Does your company have technology that affects the entire human race?
We are looking for a technology-driven startup that will solve human problems, human problems and global problems.

I have seen an interview with Ryu Joong-hee, CEO of Future Play, one of the respected VCs. Although it is a short interview, it explains why the company is doing it, and clearly explains what and how it is. And I’ve been so impressed about it, I’ve been dreaming of a company doing this kind of why ever since. I’ve been hoping that what I’m doing now is not just in the interests of businesses, but rather in the interests of mankind.

We use AI to remove counterfeits on online marketplaces and SNS platforms for global brands like Tiffany & Co. and Ralph Lauren. And we are the next hectocorn.

A few days ago, the CEO said this in front of the Y-Combinator, and it was so impressive that I saved it. The human problem we are trying to solve is Counterfeit counterfeit. Simply speaking, counterfeit goods traded in online markets around the world are estimated at around 1 trillion dollars. In the past, the only solution was to visit the site one by one and clean up fake products. However, today we provide artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that filter counterfeit goods from online malls. Fake eradication, which was practically difficult, has become possible through advances in technology.

Until I experienced it here, I didn’t know that counterfeit goods were such a serious problem. Indeed, many crooks are shamelessly selling counterfeit goods, but in reality, it has cost too much to stop them. But with AI, the cost has been reduced by one-fifth. As a result, we can impose sanctions on human immortality through technology.

Technology-driven enterprises addressing humanity’s problems.

To sum up, our company’s Why is that ‘contributing to creating the fair market by preventing money-makings in an unfair way’. Working here, I sympathized with this reason and deeply aligned with my company’s goals. It’s not easy to discuss the value of what I do at the junior level yet. However, I carefully think that such a task would solve the human problems and human problems that CEO Ryu Joong-hee said.


When I first opened this book, I worried about reading a book because it talked about old stories. But a famous book, called must-have-read, really has that reason. I was so impressed by the content of this book that I looked back on myself based on it. As a result, I was able to sort out a little bit of why I was doing this.

When I looked up the author of this book, he was still spreading his story to people through lectures. On his website, Simon wrote down why he was doing this. It is a very impressive sentence, and I also think that become a person who can contain these sentences someday.

We imagine a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every day inspired, feel safe wherever they are and end the day fulfilled by the work they do.



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